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Life’s Mirror

Not everyone gets the chance to live their dreams. Those that do, live it to the fullest. “Lifes’ Mirror” by Jeff Heller is an autobiography of his musical career (Life) in combination with finding love and catering all his responsibilities at once.  It has been nothing but a bumpy ride along the way as he makes music and traveled all around. Living the dream he always wanted to do, but sometimes in the road of life, there are pot holes that you fall into. So you just have to climb out and keep pushing forward to succeed.

The book is the story of Jeff Heller’s life, which starts from the time he was a young boy. Jeff Heller lived life with countless dreams but one stood out from the rest as he planned to become a composer, musician, and performer. The most remarkable part of his life and this book is that after decades of striving and working hard to fulfill his dream, Jeff Heller declares that he is proudly watching his grandchildren grow up and having the same level of determination and enthusiasm in learning music, instruments, and discovering the gifts. The story is all about the author and how he starts to reminisce those days of his life where he was struggling to be a composer, which was nearly impossible at that time. That was the reason that Jeff Heller decided to write this book and highlight the emotional difficulties back then and compare it to the current period.

This book is about an ordinary young boy discovering music, who then grew up to be a young man, incredibly fond of producing music and performing. It is also about him being a responsible parent and the provider of his family. Even with these responsibilities, he kept pursuing his dreams with the hopes to fulfill them someday. This book is about my journey toward my dreams and the obstacles I had to endure, and the songs I have written over the years for everyone to listen to the stories behind the scenes. To show, “It don’t come easy.” And to inspire people never to give up!

Book Chapters

Have a look at the previews of some of the chapters that will be included in Jeff Heller’s book about his life and how he is enjoying the stage he is now on.

Life’s Mirror

Life’s Mirror is about an ordinary young boy discovering music, who then grew up to be a young man, and became extremely fond of creating music as well as performing. It is also about the author being a responsible parent while pursuing his dream.

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