Jeff Heller

Jeff Heller has always been a dreamer. He is a dreamer who loves writing music and performing it in front of a crowd, regardless of the number or venue. He is also a dreamer who became a family man who was very good at it and still is today. Heller is a dreamer who also sought out to learn and promote himself from electronic repair to computer repair, software development, web development, server, and database administration in order to provide for his family over the years. In short, he is a dreamer, and he is proud of it.

Jeff Heller’s inspiration to be a music composer came when he was first exposed to this wonderful art form decades back in 1964. This had happened while Heller was watching The Beatles perform live on the Television on The Ed Sullivan Show. That performance from the legendary band was a life-altering experience for any fan of the band, especially Jeff Heller. That was the performance that made Heller know it in his heart that this was what he wanted to be. From that point on, Jeff Heller strived to become successful, and the story continues because the dream is to become famous.

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